Fundraising team

Ensuring Hope, Stability and Security to the aging out population of Foster Children
There is no single solution to the vast challenges facing those less fortunate in the foster care system. Collaboration and integrated partnerships are essential to resolve the complex problems at their root. With a proven and powerful strategic plan and vision our programs and our ability to build an extensive network of partnerships, no organization is better positioned than National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts to play a critical role in leading the effort to develop a solution for helping the foster care system.
To secure the resources needed to underwrite these ambitious plans for the future, the National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts is preparing a major, national fundraising effort Financial support will be sought from private and public sources – individuals, private foundations, corporations and government agencies.
National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts seeks to utilize these funds for critical areas:
400,000,000.000      To Secure, Design and Build a National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts Campus and Facility
1,000,000.000     Support for program development to implement innovative programs designed to achieve the greatest impact. Funding will cover the costs of program development, coordination and implementation and Capacity Building
200,000.00      To seek, secure, and train staff for the educational needs of the facility. 
1,000,000.000     Support for endowment to ensure National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts ability to respond to the anticipated demand, as well as unforeseen emergencies and growth.
1,000,000.00.   To secure in every state a satellite program using the arts  for ages 4 to 18
In recognition for their support, major donors to the campaign will have specific naming opportunities and specific sponsorships within the National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts Campus including buildings, classrooms, performing arts studios as well as programs of recognition and distinction. A full listing of naming opportunities is available upon request.
With the objective of securing the support from individuals, corporations, foundations and government, the fundraising effort will enable National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts to respond to the emerging needs in the foster care world.  This initiative not only brings to light a new understanding of education and social welfare in the changing times but also impacts our society at large in a most fundamental way.  Knowing that we can help these Foster Care kids to succeed, will greatly benefit us all. We invite you to join us on our journey. 

For corporate and sizable donations please contact        the director of our national fundraising team

Mr. John Gorman