About Us


The National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts (NSTA) is an innovative collaboration between professional arts, the educational and medical communities and the Department of Health and Human Services.


NSTA promotes a holistic learning environment using wrap around services, individualized for each youth’s educational and personal well  being. NSTA is a collaboration integrating education, creative arts and trauma informed care while providing a scholastic and homelike environment.


In addition, NSTA provides resources and support to foster success in children from child welfare by providing industry and technology.  This schoolhouse of theatre arts is an innovative and creative style of secondary education coupled with a living situation which provides students the opportunity to develop safe, nurturing relationships, gain trust, create bonds and permanence in their lives for a successful transition into adulthood.

To live a happy, healthy  and successful life is just the beginning. The National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts not only provides students with a lifelong love of learning but also connects them to the world so that they will have the courage to dream and the desire to create. Every student will get a chance to explore his or her talent and whether they go on to pursue a career in the arts or not, what they take with them is a wealth of invaluable experiences. Collaboration is the key to arts, and we will use that key to unlock all the potential of every student.  Today's vision will soon become tomorrow's  vitality 

We want our foster Children ages 15 to 22 to get the very best possible education, using theatrical arts as our guide. They will learn from the best and become the creative  people that they have inside. Youth from all 50 states and territories will be welcome. We are very excited to change the direction of education for this amazing group of young people