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Providing an opportunity for youth in foster care to learn, to heal,trust and  achieve, through the study and application of theatre arts.

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The National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts is in partnership to produce this                        episodic series

Fostering Dad is a heartfelt, episodic series about the experiences of a single foster father caring for his 4 teenage daughters. Dad lost his wife to cancer after they'd adopted 4 teenage girls from the foster care system. He is faced with raising these kids on his own. Each girl has their own special artistic ability. Dad helps guide them in finding and expressing their talents. Found footage reveals that Mom has left behind special messages to help Dad through the trials and tribulations of raising teenage girls. This series will show the the full experience from the eyes of the foster parent as well as the children. It's filled with stories that show the love, laughter and heartache that comes from parenting on your own. 

The National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts (NSTA) is an innovative collaboration between professional arts, the educational and medical communities and the Department of Health and Human Services.


NSTA promotes a holistic learning environment using wrap around services, individualized for each youth’s educational and personal well  being. NSTA is a collaboration integrating education, creative arts and trauma informed care while providing a scholastic and homelike environment.


In addition, NSTA provides resources and support to foster success in children from child welfare by providing industry and technology.  This schoolhouse of theatre arts is an innovative and creative style of secondary education coupled with a living situation which provides students the opportunity to develop safe, nurturing relationships, gain trust, create bonds and permanence in their lives for a successful transition into adulthood.

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